We create art and architecture,
making space for laughter and connection.

Led by Creative Director, Jenny Hall, Craftedspace works with a collective of designers, carpenters and artists to realise projects. Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of the Dyfi Valley in West Wales where we live and work, we bring a dedicated and original approach to our work.

Since 1998 we have worked to commission producing architectural structures, sculpture, and
interactive theatrical sets, for a range of often high profile clients such as Greenpeace UK, Festival no.6 and Walk the Plank.

Engaging with natural spaces these have taken many forms including hideouts, land boats and retreats, exploring and challenging the creation of a fluid transition in architecture and environment from inside to out, enabling people to feel connected to the land.

We are always on the lookout for ambitious design briefs in Wales and further afield.

“Iā€™m an architectural designer and artist inspired by the taut minimalism of Scandinavian design and the teachings of Amos ih Tiao Chang.

As well as realising commissions for public and private clients, I explore my own research strands such as running Wood Labs to explore site-specific architectural interventions in natural habitats and exploring the intersections of play, space and performance.

I observe how built form can shape human experience, as well as the reverse – how human experience can shape space, with the intention of creating playful architecture for people to bring to life with their stories.”

Jenny Hall

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