Barn Conversion

Roberta Edgar EXMOOR | 2004

An intriguing project of contrasting materials and styles, Craftedspace worked for The Timber Frame Company Ltd to realise a personal brief for the design and construction of an ancient Exmoor barn.

The barn had been modified over many years. Its roofline was quirky and unique and though perished, Roberta wanted a faithful replica of the oddities. She also wanted to bring light into the interior and to replace some of the internal walls with steelwork to support the roof.

Our team responded to this brief, designing and installing new roof trusses, conservatory and porch in green oak to salvage the structurally compromised barn, filling it with light. Roberta also created an internal loggia running the length of the south facing elevation.

The result, an eclectic architectural language that unifies the farmhouse and barns into a stylish and original network of buildings that make a unique and crafted home.

Photos by Roberta Edgar

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