Caradoc’s Hideout

Caerphilly Borough Council | 2009

“Craftedspace have a sensitive and collaborative approach with a strong professional style. They created an imaginative community space that is invaluable to its residents.”Ryland Llewellyn, Urban Renewal, Caerphilly Borough Council

A community creation, Craftedspace was invited to answer an exceptional brief to create an artwork for the residents of Groesfaen, funded by Heads of the Valleys Artworks, Wales.

With a passion for projects of this kind, we launched a programme of workshops and events that included local walks, den making and tea drinking to explore the aspirations of the residents. Everybody wanted something for the kids, a storytelling place or a den.

The result – an original design that evokes myth and local legend, where the landscape and building become one; an unusual round weathered oak framework nestled into the hillside.

Created from a broad array of stakeholder inputs and approved by play safety and structural engineers, the space was created for everyday climbing and playing as well as for local legend storytelling! It’s great to hear the kids feel it is theirs.

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