Frongoch Boatyard, Snowdonia National Park | 2007

Commissioned by Walk The Plank and Roustabout in close communication with the planners, Craftedspace was set the brief of designing a landmark building for this mixed used site in one of Wales’ most beautiful national parks.

Our resulting design was a hybrid of traditionally built post and beam and modern timber framing techniques, to create a cost effective build with an attractive exposed Douglas fir frame to the interior.

The site presented several challenges that were integrated into the design, turning problems into

innovative solutions. The unstable ground necessitated an upside down reinforced concrete slab foundation, functioning much like a boat. The wedge shaped site dictated the form which benefits from simpifying the roof into a true curve but defining the timber wall into facets.

Craftedspace also supervised the build of the design itself, ensuring a high standard from design to completion.

It’s basically a very nice shed.

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