Estuary Lab

Jony Easterby & National Theatre of Wales | 2012

The week-long Wales Lab led by Artist Jony Easterby, Walk the Plank director Liz Pugh and Jenny Hall explored physical, mythological and conceptual ideas for the inspiration of a new event.Blessed with writers, scientists and anthropologists among our collective of artists and makers we explored narratives and undertook practical experiments into space, performance, structure, architecture, archaeology and form in the intertidal zone of the estuary.

Out of the experiments and ideas generated at Wales Lab, Jony Easterby went on to produce the absolutely beautiful For the Birds, an immersive night time journey into a wild avian landscape at the Ynys Hir bird reserve.Jenny Hall went on to produce Urchins at the no. 6 festival with a collective of makers with whom she is currently devising an expanded Urchins journey to the Environmental Arts Festival Scotland 2015.

Photos by Jony Easterby

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