The Junk Boat


“The Junk Boat combined sculptural and technical artistry to create a thought provoking space that generated a real sense of belonging and celebration” Emily Eavis, Co-organiser Glastonbury Festival

How do you communicate the reality of climate change in an engaging, original way that gets people ON BOARD?

Powered by the sun and wind, The Junk Boat departed on a voyage mission to do just that, pulling up to port at high profile arts festivals across the country including Glastonbury, the Big Green Gathering and Shambala hosting workshops, talks, music, story telling and cinema.

A meeting of creative, playful and environmentally conscious minds, The Junk Boat was designed, built and toured by Craftedspace in collaboration with Recycled Venues.

A space for everyone, it was a resounding success – a highly imaginative playful arena that encouraged both children and adults to be truly present, a platform for connection, communication, sharing and most of all celebration!

Photo 1 by Stonefree Photography and Photo 2 by Recycled Venues

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