Natural forms


Arts events and festivals have proved a fertile ground for experimenting with natural forms and materials.

Their platform is our investigational outdoor studio keeping our creative practice fresh and informing our more permanent architectural designs.

Using woven willow, bamboo, thatch and hazel in conjunction with wooden shingles, cordwood and clay, we aspire to create low impact temporary structures, sculptural forms that allow the play of light and texture to define beautiful soulful spaces.

The woven willow environments were created in collaboration with artist Julie Starks, combining design and craft skills to sublime effect.

These projects have allowed us to observe how hundreds and thousands of people negotiate playful environments. How they can flow like liquid, how they respond to invitation. We have observed the tension between stimulation and stillness, learning how to avoid creating dead spaces or ones that are frenetic: exploring how to soothe people’s souls through changing their physical environment.

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Set design for National Dance Company Wales

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