Private residence, Snowdonia National Park

Mr & Mrs Pink | 2015

Set in several acres of the Snowdonia National Park this historic mill is nestled in the embrace of a babbling brook that leads down to the Dysinni River and out to sea.

The unique beauty of the site lent itself to exploring a strong tradition in Finnish and Nordic architecture where shapes and structures from the natural site are transformed and then transmitted into the architecture.

The design of the extension celebrates the stream and the way it wraps around the house, the corners effectively ‘knocked off’ to aid the flow of people and water around the building.

The beautiful oak tree standing tall on the opposite bank is framed in the glass gable; the babbling brook framed in the large glass panel adjacent. Contemporary in design the building does embrace key elements of the local vernacular in the closed eave detailing and dry jointed stonework.

As well as extensively refurbishing the existing property, the house has been structurally modified to improve internal zoning and circulation and to allow the expanded kitchen to benefit from the new views south and upstream.

Contractor Ian Sneade and his capable team completed the works in early 2015.

Images: CAD renders

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