Kitchen, Old Station Machynlleth

Chris Laughton | 2012

The property is set in an eco-park. To date there have been no residential properties here but Chris
persuaded the planners that his live-work arrangements suit the fringes of the park as well as the quirks of the historic building.

Most of the interiors had been fitted out by the time the kitchen brief was fully developed. It was
very much the antithesis of the jewel in the crown. The kitchen was small and had lots of windows
and doors leading to an office, a utility space and car park.

A key design decision was to close one of the doors onto the car park and to turn a window into a door leading to the garden. So great for stepping out into the morning sun with a coffee!

Chris’ exacting standards as an engineer set the tone for the design brief coupled with a dislike of
magnolia country kitchens. The scheme uses slate, glass, FSC oak and stainless steel to create a
functional crisp aesthetic. ME Construction managed the works and Tom Provost hand built the Oak cabinets.

Images: Giles Thaxton

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