Sounding the river: Wood Lab

mac Birmingham | 2013

mac birmingham offered nine IdeasTap members the chance to conceive and create a site-specific artwork for Sounding the River, mac’s outdoor sound and light spectacle that took place in October 2012.

Sounding the River was a nocturnal exploration of nature through artworks curated by Jony Easterby and artists who have a reputation for transforming the outdoors into fascinating, playful places that enthral adults and children alike.

The four-day “wood lab” led by Craftedspace, explored urban dens and the themes of rhythm, movement, focus, arrival and departure. During the workshop the participants defined spaces using timber, natural materials and low voltage lighting. Hard skills included peeling wood, simple joinery, weaving willow and basic wiring of 12V circuits.

They had the opportunity to tour the production site and meet the artists at work as well as return to see the show and their own creations lit at night.

Photo 1 by Rosheen McNamee, 2, 3 & 4 by Jenny Hall, 5 & 7 by mac Birmingham, 6 by Tabitha Pope

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