The house

Shambala Festival | 2010

“Playful and innovative, The House was perfectly in keeping with Shambala’s atmosphere and theme of unexpected surprises! Professionally and imaginatively delivered from concept to build.”Chris Johnson, Director Shambala Festival

What is left of a house if you take away its roof, floors and walls?

A commission of new original work designed and installed for Shambala Festival, a highly successful and established arts event, renowned for its creative, unique programming.

With a history of investigation into crafted spaces that play with inside and out, we made a pot, sat round the table, took a house and considered, “If a house no longer serves as shelter, what does it become?”

The result was a piece that turned a house into a multi-layered storytelling device, the doors and fixtures providing anchor points for people’s own narrative.

Running for the duration of the festival, the piece became a stage set, meeting place and a games board, where imaginations ran riot and dynamics changed from daylight family games to intrigue and mystery through shadows and spotlights under cover of darkness…

Photo 1 by Mark Welby, Photo 4 by Terry Rook – Glance Image
used with permission by Shambala Festival and Photo 5 by
Fergus Coyle

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The house

What is left of a house if you take away its roof, floors and walls?

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