Turf works

Greenpeace GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL | 2002-8

“Jenny and Mehdi design and build simple, expressive and playful structures, fit for purpose and aesthetically right on.” Bob Wilson Special Events Co-ordinator Greenpeace UK

Turf works is a long-term creative project that is the product of a highly successful working relationship between Greenpeace and Craftedspace.

A central feature of Greenpeace’s field at Glastonbury, the Turf Works concept evolved over a period of 6 years from a grassy mound, with comfortable seats cut out and upholstered in turf, into a landscape of amphitheatre proportions.

This unique seated environment has been a significant success, creating an atmosphere in and around the grassy furniture that is palpably at ease, its ambience one of warmth, relaxation and humour.

To date the installations have been temporary, created from spoil that has been removed elsewhere onsite, with a view to creating a permanent turf landscape in the future. We advise that all that is required for maintenance is an army of guinea pigs…or possibly a strimmer.

Photos 2 & 3 by Will Rose for Greenpeace UK

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