Festival No. 6 | 2014

“Crafted Space brought us an experimental idea, to expand our performance programme into the landscape of the estuary itself.
It was a pleasure to create a performance which responded to
Festival No.6’s unusual location.”Sophie Meadley, Commissioner

‘Urchins’ – A journey over land and water, a tribe of primordial life rafts drift, collect, connect, seek sanctuary to survive…

‘Urchins’ is a proposal that grows from an experimental seed project developed in collaboration with a collective of skilled artists, sailors, and makers based in the Dyfi Valley in Mid Wales. Each have been drawn on their own personal pilgrimages to the region, renowned for its future thinking and practical work at the Centre for Alternative Technology, and the transformative landscape of the valley’s river and estuary.

Initially conceived at ‘Estuary Lab’ in 2012, informal exploration of the Urchins took place in the estuary at Festival No.6 at Portmeirion in September. The landscape and architecture were a sublime context for exploring the ‘beyond now’ time of a pure liminal state of being that the Urchins engender. Selected as 1 of 3 new commissions for the Environmental Arts Festival Scotland 2015 we look forward to the evolving journey.

Photos by Giles W. Bennett

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Straw bale home

Elegance and innovation with Douglas Fir stilt construction

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Hand crafted floating vessels

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