Water Tables

Powys Arts Month | 2014

“At night these mesmerising meeting places of well-ness reflect another world, an underworld, a world above of poetic loveliness.”Jane Lloyd-Francis, director and performer

Commissioned by Powys Arts Month, we were invited to create an installation piece that reflects the intimate and innovative nature of the Machynlleth Comedy Festival.

Sited along the Woodland Way between two prestigious historic buildings in Machynlleth, the piece seeks to amplify what already exists in this beautiful natural corridor.

At a distance the arrangement of salvaged tables and chairs is familiar: an intimate setting around which families and friends gather to relax, to share food, to see one another more clearly.

Up close it becomes apparent that there is more to the surface than meets the eye. The trees delicately up lit, cast a reflection on the still surface of the water that gives the illusion of great depth.

Poetic and playful, the public also made the tables their own: one was filled with flowers to create
an exquisite mandala and others hosted at times, tiny swimmers and boats as well as bottles of
chilling Prosecco!

Photos 1, 3, 5 & 7 by Giles W. Bennett and Photos 2, 4 & 6 by Keith Morris

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