Writing shed design contest

Royal Society for Architects in Wales | 2015

Joint runner up

Our writer‘s shed is a ‘nurturing’ space that responds to Ty Newydd’s literary purpose and geographical position as well as its prominent situation within the grounds.

It is separate, yet not isolated. Though it angles away from the gaze of the main house, with a view to the sea, it deferentially curtsies to the historic building, offering itself as a sculptural jewel in the landscape. A defensive structure, fiercely guarding its soft, pale interior it functions as a shell beautifully and privately.

We imagine our Writer’s Shed, glowing softly at the end of the garden, sculpture-like and serene. Its copper patina changing with time and the light of day.

Inside it evokes memories of attic bedrooms, tents and boat hulls. The white painted boarding bears the marks of nails and the previous layers of white paint as the shed is refreshed for each new writer. And so that no writer need ever be alone, we propose a small wood stove as companion. For kindling fires and warmth as well as for brewing tea and listening to the sound of dry wood crackling into flame.

The proposed design comprises glulam frames bolted together and clad in copper, black and white wood.

Our proposal named ‘Nutshell’ was developed with the artist and writer Nicky Arscott and the visualisations were created by Sublime Visuals.

Judge Sunand Prasad praised all the winning and commended schemes for their ‘qualities of poetry, beauty, delicacy, versatility, tight planning and sensitivity to the site.’

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