Twinned Lab registration form

Thank you for your interest in the twinned labs we are running at Graig Wen, Snowdonia this year.

Course numbers are limited to 15 for each course. We will largely give priority on a first come first served basis but also seek to create groups with a mix of skills so will be proactively selective, in the event that demand outstrips supply (eg not exclusively male or female or entirely comprising engineers or artists)

To help prepare for the course please could you COPY this form, fill it in and send it back to:

Please tell us which of the following labs you wish to attend:
Design lab 27-30 April (Y/N):
Build lab 14-19 June (Y/N):

Can you commit and pay £20 deposit per course now (Y/N):

Email address:
Telephone number:
University/College and Course/year:
or Profession/ Experience:

Why do you want to do the course?:
Have you done anything like this before? If so what, where, how was it?
What strengths or skills could you bring to the group:
Could you bring any tools for personal use (cordless drill, hammer, saw, tool belt, billhook, drawknife, chisels, mallet, PPE):
Any allergies, illnesses, disabilities we should know about?
Specific dietary requirements?

Design lab accommodation:
If possible would you prefer to sleep in a bed in:
Communal yurt sleeps 4-5 (Y/N):
Ty’r Adal holiday cottage sleeps 4-6 (Y/N):
Caban sleeps 1-2 (Y/N):
Please advise if you are applying with a partner and could sleep in a double bed in any of the above (Y/N):

Design and build lab accommodation:

Can you bring your own tent? (Y/N):

Design lab costs £180
Build lab costs £200
Both labs cost £350

Once your registration form has been received, we will contact you with details of making a Paypal deposit to secure your place.
Course payments to be made in full 1 month before the course start date or you will lose your deposit and the place will be offered to somebody else.


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