• Interior, stories, 1930s, cinema posters
  • scale model, art, installation, prototype, Finland, Wales
  • bar, Edwardian, theatre, interior, filament bulb, black
  • helical, stair, mosaic,brass, handrail
  • contemporary, glass, extension, architecture, rural, wales
  • contemporary, interior, architecture, rural, wales
  • Visualisation for RSAW design contest
  • Visualisation for RSAW design contest
  • Storytelling, shelter, natural form, climbing structure, green oak, bone oak, round house
  • Straw, timber, natural form, energy efficient, low impact, carbon neutral
  • temporary, demountable, suspended, wooden, structure
  • Welsh cedar, modular, mobile, micro-structure, woodland product

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Straw bale home

Elegance and innovation with Douglas Fir stilt construction

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Hand crafted floating vessels

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